Gunite pool construction From RCS Pools

This is a popular method for creating durable, customizable in-ground pools. In Middle Tennessee, this process involves the use of a rebar framework sprayed with a mixture of sand and cement, forming a solid, long-lasting structure.

The construction typically starts with excavation and shaping the pool area, followed by the installation of a steel rebar framework. Then, a pneumatically applied mixture of cement, sand, and water, known as gunite, is sprayed onto the rebar framework to form the pool’s shell.

This method allows for various design possibilities, as the gunite material can be molded into any shape or size desired. After the application and shaping of the gunite, the pool is left to cure for a specific period, during which the surface is often finished with plaster or tiles.

In Middle Tennessee, our professional pool construction company specialize in Gunite pool installation. The process is designed to withstand the regional climate and offer a durable, long-lasting pool structure suitable for the area’s weather conditions.